Watt for Watt


Watt for Watt, a new initiative of Switch Energy, has partnered with the Waterloo Institute for Sustainable Energy (WISE) and the Affordable Energy for Humanity Initiative (AE4H) to make a real difference in the global fight against energy poverty.

Switch Energy offers a variety of programs to suit the needs of Canadian businesses and homeowners in making the switch to solar energy. Switch is also committed to being a part of a global shift towards unlocking the power of clean energy to serve the rising billion energy impoverished individuals around the world, including those who are energy insecure here in Canada. Through Watt for Watt, Switch will utilize 1% of its revenue to support this mission. At the same time, Switch is working with its energy industry peers, clients and partners to expand Watt for Watt to a growing list of contributing organizations across the Canadian renewable energy industry landscape that share in its mission.

To help guide the strategic development and inform the on-the ground activities of Watt for Watt, WISE and AE4H have joined the initiative as its academic partner. WISE holds a longstanding research and thought leadership position in the Canadian renewables sector, established under the direction of its founding Director, Prof. Jatin Nathwani. In September 2015, WISE formally expanded its mission to include addressing issues of energy poverty and access through the establishment of AE4H which has grown to become a globally recognized research action network made up of 140+ leading innovators and practitioners from 50+ institutions in 20+ countries across the globe. AE4H experts from academia, NGOs, and the public and private sectors are on the front lines of the fight to reduce energy poverty through the application of renewable energy technologies.

Through this partnership, the expertise and connections of the AE4H network and WISE leadership will assist Watt for Watt in determining how to make the greatest impact from its giving, to expand the Watt for Watt network by bringing other partners to the table, and to help deliver effective Watt for Watt projects that make a real impact in the lives of those living without adequate access to clean, modern, reliable and affordable energy.


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