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On February 25th, AE4H in collaboration with the Waterloo Global Science Initiative (WGSI) hosted Power Shift: Rethinking Design for Energy Access, which attracted University of Waterloo engineering and international development students to discuss questions surrounding global energy access, innovation and social entrepreneurship. Through a design session led by guest speakers, Steve Katsaros, CEO and Founder of Nokero Solar, and Iana Aranda, Director of Programs for Engineering for Change, students were introduced to the problems associated with, and emerging solutions for energy poverty within developing countries. Steve and Iana shared their personal experiences, most difficult challenges and lessons learned from working in global development from an engineering perspective. The design session was followed by an interactive discussion that encouraged students to tackle some of the biggest design and implementation challenges currently facing engineers, development practitioners and innovators within the energy access sphere.

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A key primer for the WGSI OpenAccess Energy Summit, to be held in Waterloo in April 2016, is the OpenAccess Energy Brief. Contributions to the brief were made by a number of AE4H experts, many of whom will also be attending the Summit itself. The brief provides an accessible overview of the challenges and opportunities facing electrification efforts in impoverished rural areas.

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