Xavier Vallvé

Xavier Vallvé

Engineer & Consultant

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Work Phone:
+34 93 446 3234
+34 93 456 6948
Avda. Meridiana, 153
Spain, 08026
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Xavier Vallvé graduated in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Waterloo (1977), with a M.Sc. degree in Applied Science (1979). In 1986 he co-founded the engineering and consultancy company Trama TecnoAmbiental, S.L. in Barcelona, Spain where he is a partner.

He has large experience in renewable energy rural electrification projects for distributed generation both grid-tied to the national grids and autonomous RE hybrid technology for islands and isolated villages. This involves complementary and interdisciplinary skills in economic, social and management aspects as well as engineering experience.

He has been involved in feasibility studies, engineering, project management and commissioning of many PV micro grids in isolated villages in Africa, Asia and South America as well as islands like the Galápagos atoll (Ecuador), the archipelago of Chiloe (Chile) and Tarawa and outer islands in Kiribati (Pacific), Menorca and Formentera (Mediterranean), Cape Verde (Africa), etc. He has been project director or lead consultant for private and government clients and also for projects by UNDP, UNOPS, UNESCO, UNEP, AECID, IDB, WB, EC and other agencies.