Simron Singh

Simron Singh

Associate Professor and Program Director

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Work Phone:
+1 519 888 4567 x33111
200 University Avenue West
Waterloo, Ontario
Canada, N2L 3G1
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Dr. Simron Jit Singh is a social/human ecologist and works on theoretical, analytical and empirical aspects of society-nature interactions within the framework of sustainability science and the development discourse. His main focus is in understanding the metabolism of local rural systems and their long-term dynamics using biophysical variables such as material and energy flows, land use, and time-use. He has undertaken extensive fieldwork among the pastoral nomadic community, the Van Gujjars of the Central Indian Himalayas and the Nicobarese of the Nicobar Islands, India. He teaches sustainability concepts and methods to Masters of Development Practice (MDP) students.