Stefan Hirschberg

Stefan Hirschberg

Head of Laboratory

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Work Phone:
+41 56 310 2956
5232 PSI
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Since 1992 Stefan Hirschberg is Head of the Systems/Safety Analysis Section in the Paul Scherrer Institut. He coordinates the activities at PSI on “Comprehensive Assessment of Energy Systems” (GaBE), covering environmental, risk-related and economic aspects. As a part of these activities he manages a number of projects for the Swiss energy and environmental authorities, and for the Swiss and foreign utilities as well as other industries. He is also responsible for a variety of PSI’s contributions to international programs addressing the environmental, risk and economic implications of energy systems.

In addition, the Systems/Safety Analysis Section has activities in the area of Risk Assessment, with main emphasis on Human Reliability Analysis (HRA). This includes a long-term research program and on-call tasks for the Swiss nuclear safety authority and plant operators.

Dr. Hirschberg’s main research interests currently include: Environmental Impact and External Cost Assessment, Comparative Risk Assessment, Sustainability Assessment and Development of Integrated Tools for Decision Support. S. Hirschberg has about 150 publications in reactor and neutron physics, reliability and risk assessment and comparative assessment of energy systems. He has been a member of numerous advisory, consultant and expert groups supporting national and international organizations, and is since 1990 a member of Principal Working Group No. 5 on Risk Assessment of OECD/NEA. He was member of technical committees of many international conferences and organiser/chairman of numerous technical sessions. He lectures at the Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich (ETHZ) on “Reliability and Risks of Complex Systems” and at ETHZ and EPFL on energy systems analysis. He is a member of the Editorial Board of the International Journal of Risk Assessment and Management.