Sam Duby

Sam Duby

Africa Director

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Cape Town
South Africa
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Sam Duby is an influential technology developer with many years consulting and publishing in clean-tech and energy access. An UnLtd. awardee, Sam won the prestigious Hamilton Award winner for his PhD on low-cost thermoelectric generators. Sam has worked across the spectrum of renewable energy research, from the focused, single minded academic, via the high-speed, well funded corporate, to the grass-roots, challenge of start-ups in developing economies. The latter providing the best fit; demanding creative solutions, maximising impact, questioning the status quo and prioritising the human. Extensive, hard-won experience in this arena led to the founding of the Ashden Gold Award winning SteamaCo Ltd in Kenya, focused on building viable mini-grids in the remotest corners of rural Africa. One of Global Cleantech’s 2018 Ones to Watch list, SteamaCo evolved to become a provider of smart technology that enables utilities to sell energy anywhere on the planet. Now based in Cape Town, Sam now heads the TFE Energy Africa team consulting widely on issues around energy access and developing innovative commercial applications of technology to the rural electrification space. This allows him to leverage his experience in appropriate design and implementation, leveraging PAYG technology, community and cross-sector engagement, policy and the stimulation of enabling environments and financial studies focused particularly on the energy access and frontier technology space.