Raffy Concepcion

Raffy Concepcion

Communications and Marketing Lead

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Raffy Concepcion is one of the cofounders of SolarSolutions Inc. SolarSolutions Inc. focuses on community-based and disaster relief renewable energy systems with positive social, environmental, and economic impact. Raffy's background and interests are focused on engineering, human-centered design, and environmental science.

Who you are and what motivates you?
I am one of the original founders of the company and currently its general manager. My motivation is really the positive social and environmental impact that we’re able to do through our organization.

Your educational and professional history?
I am an electronics and communications engineer with a masters degree in technology management. I have spent most of my working career in the IT industry and more recently in the renewable energy / environmental space.

Your current areas of focus / current projects?
We are working on a model for our solar energy stations that address under electrification and disaster preparedness issues in our country

Future areas of work that you are interested in pursuing
Large scale community electrification through renewable energy, energy storage, environmental impacts, progressive and adaptive measures to address climate change