Marc Weber

Marc Weber

Head of Institute

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Work Phone:
+49 721 608-25612
+49 721 608-25594
Hermann-von-Helmholtz-Platz 1
Germany, 76344
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Prof. Dr. Marc Weber is Head of the The Institute for Data Processing and Electronics (IPE) at KIT. IPE specializes in the development of custom detector, trigger and data acquisition systems for high data rates and in control and monitor systems. Prof. Dr. Weber's expertise is in motherboard design and manufacturing, and battery management systems.

IPE´s competences cover the entire electronics suppy chain, starting with the physical sensor design, detector assembly through the analog and digital electronics to the data analysis and archiving. In the Electronic Packaging Laboratory the production process is optimized and the detectors and electronic assemblies are cost-efficiently produced.

The research and development at IPE is embedded in the program structure of the Helmholtz Association.

About 70 People are employed at IPE. There are about 12 PhD students, 20 students and 2 trainees.