Kristy Dixon

Kristy Dixon

Marketing Communications, Project Management and Remote Teams leader

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Kristy Dixon is a Marketing Communications, Project Management and Remote Teams leader at Pollinate Group in Canada.
- Who I am and what motivates me: Growing up on a farm in South Australia I quickly learned the importance of energy and water. Today, after a few years in California, I live in Calgary and work remote for Pollinate Group. I enjoy time in the mountains and keeping up with technology. I’m motivated by people who get things done, teams who experiment, and equipping women to lead communities out of poverty.
- Education and professional history: More than 16 years in communications and marketing with the majority of my career in a water utility and start-ups. I currently sit on the Board of Directors for IABC Calgary and hold a Masters in Project Management (University of Adelaide) and Bachelor of Communications (University of South Australia).
- Areas of expertise: Strategic communications, lean marketing, branding, customer experience and project management. 
- Current projects: Applying our women entrepreneurship model from Nepal to India, marketing to the BoP, and increasing global participation in our fellowship programs for students, professionals and executives.
- Future areas of work interested in pursuing: scaling social impact projects in new markets, water-energy-food nexus, digital transformation for energy efficiency.

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