Ioannis Lestas

Ioannis Lestas

Director of Studies in Engineering

Contact Information

Work Phone:
+44 7914309231
Clare College, Trinity Lane
United Kingdom, CB2 1TL
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Ioannis Lestas is a Fellow of Clare College, Cambridge. Since October 2009 he is an official Fellow of Clare College and a Director of Studies in Engineering at Cambridge.

His expertise lays in the following areas:
-Control of large scale systems, decentralized control
- Interface between Information Theory and Control Theory, Fundamental limitations in feedback performance.
- Nonlinear systems (Lyapunov methods, input/output approaches, IQC’s), Time-delayed systems, Robust Control, Stochastic control, Control of jump Markov processes.
- Operator theory, convex optimization, graph theory, random point processes, probability theory.

- Decentralized resource allocation problems, Optimization and pricing in power distribution networks, Power control in wireless networks, Congestion control.
- Networked systems, Smart grids, Consensus protocols, Vehicle platoons.
- Gene regulatory networks, noise in biochemical reaction networks